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Keys to Buying a Home

Get a Pre Approval Letter or at the very least, a Pre Qualification letter from your lender. A potential buyer who already has a pre-approval letter from a lender stands a much better chance of having his or her purchase offer accepted than someone who is making their offer contingent upon obtaining financing.

Don’t Over Look A Homes Potential

It’s important not to fall into the bad decorating, dingy walls and dirt-bare back yard equals bad-home trap. If you don’t see past the hideous wallpaper, funky light fixtures and avocado green carpeting, you may miss out on a home with great potential.

Know your Budget

Don’t allow anyone to persuade you into buying more home than you can actually afford. You may love the home at first sight, but once it starts holding you back from enjoying life, it will quickly become an anchor.

Be Realistic and Practical

Sure, you want to have a list of items you would like to see in your new home, but be aware that you are probably not going to find a home with everything on that list. Prioritize them and know ahead of time what you are willing to live without.

Enjoy the process

Have fun when you’re looking for your new home. Start the hunt early so you will not feel rushed and pressured to buy a home you don’t really “love”.

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