Start with the Exterior

Having a weed free yard, a neatly trimmed lawn, clean gutters, siding & brick and a freshly painted door shows buyers you took good care of this home.

Remove Excess Clutter and Furniture

Although your basket collection may have value to you, they are a distraction to potential buyers. Give careful consideration to renting a storage facility to de-clutter and de-personalize. If you are able to do so, stage your home to look like a model home or contact a friend or Realtor who will give you honest feedback.

Thoroughly Clean the House

This is self explanatory, but so very, very important. Buyers have a harder time envisioning living in a currently dirty home.

Amp up the lighting

Replace lower watt bulbs with brighter ones. Buyers always love well lit rooms.

Painting the Interior

Every room may not need to be repainted however, it is well worth the time and money it will take to make a home feel fresh and clean.

Freshening the Bathrooms

New shower curtains and new hardware on the faucets and cabinets go a long way on making a bathroom feel “remodeled”.

Price Your Home Right

Remember there is no dollar value on the memories you have made in this home. Get an expert opinion on the actual value of your home and a realistic selling price.

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